Moving Forward: Come meet us at Hong Kong Fintech Week!

WhaleFin and Amber will be attending the Hong Kong Fintech Week from Oct 31 to Nov 4. Come meet us!

Volatility and uncertainty, rate hikes, and inflation: these are only a few of the buzzwords we all have heard for the past few months as we started navigating downward and sideways through less-than-encouraging market trends. Cryptocurrency prices have remained flat, and investors have been awaiting signs of upwards movements and exploring alternative opportunities to weather through the current market conditions.

Given the present global financial landscape as well as the post-pandemic era we seem to have entered, the Hong Kong Fintech Week 2022 represents one of the most significant and pivotal events of the year.

The Hong Kong Fintech Week is the world’s first cross-border FinTech event, taking place in Hong Kong, Asia’s financial capital, from October 31 to November 4, 2022. It is one of the biggest FinTech events of the year, and it’ll be held in an online-offline hybrid format.

Hong Kong Fintech Week 2021 gathered over 20,000 participants, 300+ speakers, and 400+ exhibitors from all around the world, attracting the brightest minds in the fintech industry.

WhaleFin and Amber Group Will Be There Too!

Our Global Managing Partner Annabelle Huang will be one of the keynote speakers at the event. She will be discussing how investors can explore the new opportunities that the current market can still offer, even when riddled with uncertainty.

You can find Annabelle at the panel “Has Crypto Come of Age: All Grown-Up & Ready to Work” on Tuesday, November 1, from 11:10am to 11:40am.

  • Annabelle Huang, Managing Partner, Amber Group
  • Kelvin Yeung, Founder & CEO, Hong Kong Digital Asset Exchange (
  • Vincent Chok, CEO, First Digital Trust

Moderated by Joel Flynn, Chief Correspondent, Forkast.News

Specifically, the speakers will be tackling the following questions:

Volatility has become an inflated buzzword due to recent rate hikes and downward market trends. Has the market exhausted its possibilities for the time being, or can investors still take advantage of the situation to capitalize on investment opportunities and beat volatility?

Thanks to our expertise and experience, and given our focus on sustainable and resilient growth, Annabelle will contribute to answering this question to help investors of all experience levels make the most of investment opportunities, regardless of the market direction.

Read more about one of our key investment tools to navigate volatility and uncertainty, WhaleFin Dual Currency.

With over six years of experience in the crypto space and many more in traditional finance, Annabelle’s voice will help cast a light on the current status of the crypto and blockchain industry. She will contribute to dissipating concerns and doubts regarding investment opportunities and projects of different seniority.

As crypto is here to stay, it is essential to understand how to optimize present and future investment strategies.

Stable, low-risk investment opportunities are still available, e.g., fixed-rate earning products to compound interest passively. Read more about it here.

With more and more countries spearheading crypto regulations and laws, and more and more central banks looking to issue their digital currency, the convergence between centralized and decentralized finance seems to be already in the making.

How are the two interacting, and what does the future hold?

Every week, we summarize the most relevant news from the crypto space to make them digestible and easy to understand. Check out our WhaleFin Weekly to discover what central banks have been doing to catch up with crypto.

Top Must-Know about HKFTW 2022

The event organizers confirmed that the event will focus significantly on Web3 and the metaverse in order to attract firms back to Hong Kong, a special administrative region of China, in the post-pandemic phase.

In an effort to make this happen, 2,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will be issued to participants. These will be redeemable for benefits, including discounted tickets for the following year’s event.

With the focus of this year’s Fintech Week being on Web3 and the metaverse, the city government is seizing the chance to introduce its new policy towards cryptocurrencies.

Local authorities said they would use the event to broadcast its “vision of developing Hong Kong into an international virtual assets center.” For instance, Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission said it would make a Virtual Asset Policy Statement clarifying the government’s stance on digital assets to global markets.

NFTs are also one of the key features of the WhaleFin App. WhaleFin recently launched its NFT Marketplace.

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s government has announced it will present a policy statement on the city’s stance towards digital assets, including Hong Kong’s approach to virtual assets, retail investor exposure, and the city’s pilot projects to embrace virtual assets’ technological and financial benefits.

Recently, the city issued an announcement of Hong Kong’s new virtual asset service provider (VASP) licensing regime, which is due to come into effect in 2023.

Book your ticket to the Hong Kong Fintech Week 2022 here.

Not in Hong Kong?

You can download the dedicated event app ‘HKFTW22’ by searching “Hong Kong FinTech Week’’ on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to join the virtual events on your computer and/or smartphone.

Learn more here.

Networking opportunities are woven through the whole Hong Kong FinTech Week experience. Explore week-long satellite and community events with local and global partners — a chance to network and engage with the people driving major changes in investment.

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